How much is a subscription?

Prices start at just £15 per week. The cost of subscription is dependant on the size of the area you take. This reflects the cost to promote your business to more people and for you to receive more jobs.

How long is the contract?

The answer is as long as you want it to be! We are happy to provide a contract on a yearly basis although most clients rather not being tied into anything.

Can I cancel the contract?

Yes, with just one month’s notice.

How do I pay?

We accept Paypal or bank transfers.

How big will my area be?

Our areas are variable, in that a square mile in the centre of London may have more opportunity than a 1000 square mile area in the middle of nowhere! Generally a small town of (say) 15,000 residents would be a single area, whereas a metropolitan area would generally be split up by placenames. Why not tell us where you are, what areas you would like to receive taxi jobs from and we can quote!

Can I have more than one area?

Yes, and there are significant discounts for multiple areas.

Will I get calls to go outside my area?

Yes, especially on airport or port runs. Anyone who types in one of the towns in your area (for example Gatwick to Winchester) will get a Winchester taxi company as well as a Gatwick one.